Gamification: a good example in the field of healthcare

Two universities (University College London and University East England) and Alzheimer’s Research and Telekom has developed a game few months ago. The name of this game is Sea Hero Quest. This game contributes the exploration of the causes of Alzheimer and Dementia. Dementia is a disease, which usually appears in elderly age, but nowadays its […]


Nowadays gamification is a very popular phrase in the modern world. But what does it mean? Game/ gaming and gamification is not the same thing. Gamification is when elements of games are used in a field independent from games for examples in workplace, or education. If we talk about gamification we have to distinguish two […]

Why rapid e-learning?

In our life – both professional and private – we are looking for simple, efficient and effective solutions. In addition, we want those efficient and simple solutions to be cost-effective and viable.

Rapid E-Learning (REL): Dream or Reality?

Definition In order to be exposed to a learning experience, there needs to be a need; this can be quite clear (like we need to train new-hires) or quite implicit (I would like to know more about …). Firstly, it is rapid; The intention is to have not more than three weeks preparation time to […]